Anyone who is interested in science and research can take part and submit videos – regardless of whether they are students at school or university, young scientists, science communicators, YouTubers or anyone interested in science. Since video production and research are often teamwork, we also welcome team submissions from up to six people.

You can find detailed information below and in the Conditions of participation

The submission period for Fast Forward Science 2020 started on 4 May and will end on 26 July 2020. Submit your web video here!

How can I submit?

  • Type

    A web video that was first published on the Internet between 1 April 2019 and 26 July 2020 and can be found on YouTube. For Super Fast, you can create an Instagram story and save it as a video that we’ll upload to our YouTube channel.

  • Number of videos

    Each person or team may only submit a maximum of three videos in the main competition, i.e. the SUBSTANZ, SCITAINMENT and VISION categories.

  • Content

    The video should be about a topic that is currently being researched. The reference to science should be clear. Image films often do not fulfil this requirement. The category VISION, focuses on your idea and vision of the future, so it is also allowed to think beyond the current state of research.

  • Source information

    Fast Forward Science is about science and research. It is part of good scientific practice to name sources. That’s why we would like you to mention your sources in the video that support your statements and/or lead to further information (e.g. in the video description).

  • Reference to competition

    Mention in the first sentence of your video description that it participates in the Fast Forward Science competition and add the link

  • Length

    There is no length restriction. However: The web video should be entertaining!

  • Language

    German or English with German subtitles. The exception can be found in the conditions of participation or FAQs.

  • General

    The content must be free of adult content (violent or explicit scenes and language), third party rights, personality rights and copyright. Furthermore, it should be free of violent, sexist and discriminatory content and should not reinforce stereotypes. Therefore, pay attention to gender and diversity aspects in your videos. If you include topics concerning physical or mental health in your videos, remember to mention help websites or emergency numbers in the video description and to point this out in a trigger warning at the beginning of the video. The conditions of participation of the competition apply.

  • Advertising

    The web videos should not contain product placements. Exceptions can be found in the conditions of participation or in the FAQs.

  • Hint

    We especially like web videos that are well made, understandable and entertaining, tell a story that surprises us, doesn’t let go, makes us think and is authentic.

What happens when?

  • 4 MAY

    Between 4 May and 26 July 2020, you can submit your web video to one of the three competition categories.

  • 15 MAY

    Be on your toes and produce a video on the assigned topic within 24 hours. The theme will be announced at the start of Super Fast at 12 noon on 15 May – the deadline is 12 noon on 16 May. The winners will be announced on 20 May.

  • 26 July

    You can submit your web video until 26 July, 11:59 pm– then our jury will get down to work!


    On 28 September we will announce the finalists who will compete for the Community Award by online voting which continues until 25 October.


    this year for the first time at the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven.

YouTube checklist

In order to better connect with other participants and to make Fast Forward Science more visible on YouTube, we ask you to consider the following points when uploading your video:

Tip: This checklist can also be applied to videos that have already been uploaded!

  • At the beginning

    To publish videos on YouTube, you need a YouTube channel. You can easily start it with a Google account. How can I do that?

  • Video description

    Include in the first sentence of your video description that it participates in the Fast Forward Science competition and add the link



  • Keywords

    Use the following keywords: Fast Forward Science, web video competition, Science, Research, Wissenschaft im Dialog

  • Comments

    Unlock the comments feature of your video to allow dialogue with your audience.

  • License Recommendation

    If possible, publish the video under the Creative-Commons license CC-BY, so it can be freely used and redistributed.

How does the jury rate videos?

All submitted videos will be judged according to the criteria CONTENT, UNDERSTANDABILITY, ENTERTAINMENT, PRODUCTION QUALITY and WEB VIDEO CHARACTER. Depending on the category, individual evaluation criteria are weighted with twice as many points. After 26 July, our jury will view and evaluate the videos on the basis of the five criteria according to a point system. Each video is evaluated by three different jurors. This is followed by the jury meeting, in which all jurors are equally entitled to vote. In the Super Fast – 24h-Instagram-Challenge the criteria CONTENT, UNDERSTANDING, ENTERTAINMENT will also be judged, additionally, the jury pays attention to the use of story elements and the story character.

  • Substanz

    Here the CONTENT is scored twice.

  • Scitainment

    Here the ENTERTAINMENT is scored twice.

  • Vision

    All criteria are equally important.




    All criteria are equally important.



    28 September – 25 October

    All votes cast on our website.


    All criteria are equivalent. The story character is also evaluated here.


  • Simply use our submission form.

  • Researchers, communicators, web video makers, YouTubers, people interested in science, school or university students, video artists, scientific institutions, agencies specialising in science and research, freelancers, … in other words, anyone who communicates scientific content in their video.

  • Yes, provided that the videos submitted are actually web videos produced for use on the internet.

  • Yes, if your parents agree. When you submit your web video, they will automatically receive an email with a consent form attached, which they must sign and return to us by post.

  • Contributions by teams are explicitly welcome. Teams of up to six people are allowed. A team must decide on a contact person who submits the video in their name.

  • Yes, a total of three videos may be submitted in the main competition. However, only one video per participant can be among the finalists in each category. This means that if more than one video from the same participant is a finalist/winner within a category, only the best video will be judged and the others in that category will be eliminated from the competition. An exception is Super Fast: Here, anyone can participate and win, no matter how many videos he or she has already competed in Fast Forward Science.

  • Your web video must have been first published on the Internet between 1 April 2019 and 26 July 2020. Older videos are not allowed. Videos already submitted in the 2019 competition may not be submitted again.

  • You can submit a total of three videos in the main competition, regardless of the category.

  • At Fast Forward Science we are looking for videos that clearly focus on the current state of science and research. Explanatory video, experience report or animation – there are no limits to the implementation. Image films often do not meet this requirement.

  • Yes, but such a web videos will always be judged as a self-contained single video and must be uploaded to YouTube like all other web videos participating in the competition.

  • Yes, it’s mandatory. Indicate your participation in the Fast Forward Science competition in the first sentence of your video description and add the link See YouTube checklist.

  • There are three categories: SUBSTANZSCITAINMENT and VISION. These are each endowed with a total of €6,000; €3,000 for first place, €2,000 for second and €1,000 for third place. There are three special prizes: the Super Fast – 24h-Instagram-Challenge, the Young Scientist Award and the Community Award. All special prizes are endowed with a single prize of €1,000 each.

  • No. A double nomination is not possible. Of course, you can produce one video for the special Super Fast prize and a second video for one of the other categories. The finalists in the three categories also have the chance to win the Community Award and young researchers additionally to the Young Scientist Award.

  • No, the choice of topic is entirely up to you! There are restrictions here only with our Super Fast – 24h-Instagram-Challenge. We will set the theme and announce it at the start of Super Fast on 15 May. But don’t worry: this is a cross-cutting topic open to any scientific discipline.

  • With Fast Forward Science we want to promote primarily German-language science web videos. Since English is widely used as the language of science, however, shorter video sequences or entire videos in English with German subtitles are also possible. Subtitles can be added, for example, on YouTube via “Transcript”. Please also check the subtitle text automatically generated by YouTube for correctness.  If you want to submit a video in another language, please contact us.

    Only exceptions: In the category VISION and the Young Scientist Award, German-language videos are preferred.

  • Paid or unpaid product placements by or for third parties within the submitted videos or in the video description are not allowed in Fast Forward Science.

    Excluded from this rule are your own products/inventions, advertisements automatically placed by YouTube in front of the videos, as well as videos that were created as part of a collaboration or on behalf of a third party and were not produced solely for the purpose of sale. In case of doubt the jury will decide. 

  • By specifically pointing out in your video where research on your topic  is currently being done or by naming scientific sources. In the YouTube description you have the possibility to name your sources and to add links to research institutions or researchers.

  • It’s not a must but Fast Forward Science is about science. Therefore, it is highly desirable to follow the scientific idea of naming your sources in the video or in the video description that support your statements and/or lead to further information.

  • Hmm. Go through all the images and recordings you have used one by one and search for the original sources. Identify the creator and get permission to use the footage for your web video.

  • The prize money will be transferred to the account of the submitter, for team submissions to the account of the contact person of the team. The contact person of the team is responsible for the distribution of the prize money among the team members.

  • For example, if you want to make a video about suicide, rare diseases, or other topics that focus on physical and mental health, it is important that people who are affected receive information and help beyond your video. Therefore, include emergency numbers or websites of organisations that provide further information in your video or in the video description. If you include such topics in your video, include a trigger warning at the beginning to help protect themself and prevent trauma from happening again.

  • All finalists have a chance to win the Community Award. The finalists, i.e. the upto six best web videos from each category, will be selected by the jury and published on this website on 28 September and take part in the online voting: The web video that receives the best rating on our website over a period of about four weeks wins the Community Award. Each voter gives his or her vote for the three best videos. Everyone can only participate in the online voting once. The Community Award is endowed with a one-time fee of 1000 €.

  • The finalists of the categories SUBSTANZ, SCITAINMENT and VISION. The finalists include the up to six best web videos from each category, which will be selected by the jury and published on this website on September 28.

  • During the online voting between September 28 and October 25, you’ll be plugging your web video. You’re calling on friends, acquaintances, colleagues and your entire network to vote for your web video on our website. The webvideo that gets the most votes in the period mentioned above wins the Community Award.

  • No.

  • The Young Scientist Award is the prize especially for videos produced by young scientists.

  • Young researchers doing their doctorate and postdocs in the first six years after receiving their doctorate. The status in the year of the competition is decisive, regardless of the date of the doctorate. This means that all participants who are currently still working on their doctorate or who submitted their doctorate in the period from 2014 to 2020 are eligible.


  • Simply confirm in the submission form that you meet the criteria for the Young Scientist Award. We will only ask for proof when your video has made it among the nominees. Only videos submitted in the three main categories, SUBSTANZ, SCITAINMENT and VISION, will be selected for this special award.

  • Because it has to go fast! Super Fast has a special duration of namely 24 hours based on the retention time of an Instagram story. Therefore, the Super Fast – 24h-Instagram-Challenge takes place during the application period itself.

  • The theme for Super Fast will be announced on 15 May at 12 noon – so you should be on your toes then. Because with the release of the theme you’ll have 24 hours to get the latest science and research into your Instagram story. The deadline for submissions is May 16 at 12 noon.

  • At the end of the 24h, the story must be submitted via URL in the submission form. In addition, the story must be saved as a video and sent to within six hours of the submission deadline. Deadline: May 16th, 6 pm.

  • Story character refers to the use of the elements that the Instagram provides for its stories and that makes it unique. Boomerang, effects, GIFs and stickers spice up a story and help telling it. But be careful – don’t overload the story: The elements should be used wisely. The use of questions, surveys and quizzes is a great way to interact with people directly.

  • When you submit your Instagram story, simply confirm that you are a freelancer, i.e. that you do not run the channel for a big company or that you work in a small agency with up to five employees by clicking “Yes” in the submission form under the item “freelancer”.

  • The finalists are up to six best videos in the SUBSTANZ, SCITAINMENT and VISION categories. The prizewinners include the top three videos in each of the categories SUBSTANZ, SCITAINMENT and VISION, as well as the Super Fast – 24h-Instagram-Challenge and the winners of the Community Award and Young Scientist Award.

  • The prize money will be distributed in its entirety exclusively to the contest participant who submitted the video. For teams, the prize will be transferred to the person named to us.

  • No.

  • No. The evaluation is the sole responsibility of the jury.