The Competition

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The main competition is all about your content! Whether it’s a YouTube video, TikTok stitch, podcast or Insta Story, you can win up to 2,000€ with your favorite research in audio or video format in one of three award categories.

In addition, two special prizes will be awarded to newcomers on social media for the best debut in the audio or video category. Anyone with a passion for science can take part, provided that the first video on their channel is not older than one year at the time of submission.

Entries can be submitted from January 16, 2024 to March 12, 2024.


What can you win?

In the main competition, the first-place winners will each receive 2,000€ and the runners-up 1,000€. The awards for the BEST DEBUT include non-material support.


There are no problems, only solutions that have not yet been found – does that sound like you? If you are still at the beginning of your research career but already want to change the world with current science and research, then the YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD is just right for you!

The YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD is aimed at the future players in science, i.e. students, doctoral candidates and young postdocs (up to six years after their doctorate) who want to bring their research closer to as many people as possible. Whether you are new to the world of social media or have already made twenty videos, it is important that you explain your own scientific interest in an exciting way and convincingly demonstrate why your favorite research is relevant for tomorrow’s society.

The partner of the YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD is the German Future Prize. The Federal President’s Award for Technology and Innovation honors outstanding research achievements in technical, engineering and scientific fields as well as software and algorithm-based innovations that have the potential to become application-ready products and create jobs.

If you are a newcomer and the first entry of your channel is not older than 1 year at the closing date of the competition, you can also submit your entry for the special prize BEST DEBÜT VIDEO in addition to your submission for the YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD.

The YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD is divided into the categories short and long. The length of your video determines which category you can enter:


    Short and crisp, compact, condensed: If you can communicate the most complex issues in less than 5 minutes, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • LONG

    A deep dive into your research universe can sometimes take longer, we understand that. If your video is longer than 5 minutes, then you should submit it in this category.


Open your ears for science! The AUDIO AWARD recognizes interesting, comprehensible and target group-oriented contributions that do not require any visual material. The restriction to social media is lifted here – the only important thing is that the comment function of the platform of your choice is activated.

If you are a newcomer and your channel’s first entry is less than one year old when the competition closes, you can also submit your entry for the special BEST DEBÜT AUDIO prize.






Partner of the AUDIO AWARD is Pool Artists.

Special prizes for the best debut

One of our principles is to support newcomers. So if your content is still in its infancy, with a bit of luck you could be awarded the special prize for the BEST DEBUT! The decisive factor for participation is that the first contribution of your channel is not older than one year at the closing date of the competition round (March 12, 2024). Any contribution to your channel that you uploaded between March 13, 2023 and March 12, 2024 can be submitted.

All science-enthusiastic creators are eligible to participate. If you meet the entry criteria, you may also submit your entry for one of the awards in the main competition.


    Are you new to the podcast game and your contributions are all about science? Then with a bit of luck you could be awarded the special prize for the best debut in the audio category.


    Everyone has started somewhere. If you are just building up your online presence and are still in the early stages of video production, you can apply for the special prize for the best debut in the video category.

If you win the special prize for the best debut video, you can choose between a content consultation with Jacob Beautemps, Julia Fischer and Klaus Russell-Wells. If you win the special prize for the best debut audio, you can choose a content consultation with a team member from the podcast production company Pool Artists or Linus Günther.

  • Jacob Beautemps

    is a successful YouTuber (channel “Breaking Lab”), one of the authors and creative producers of the documentary series “Science for Future” (SWR/ARD) and Science Buddy at the Tigerenten-Club. He is also currently doing his doctorate on the subject of learning with videos at the University of Cologne.

  • Julia Fischer

    is a doctor, journalist, science communicator and presenter. On her private Instagram channel dr.juliafischer, the YouTube channel ARD GESUND and in her program Doc Fischer (SWR/ARD), everything revolves around the topics of nutrition, exercise, medicine and mental health.

  • Janina Otto

    is a scifluencer (Instagram and YouTube channel janinaexplainsitall), science journalist (including QUARKS) and science slamer. In 2022 she was awarded the LifeScienceXplained Award. She is currently doing her doctorate in human biology at the Philipps University of Marburg.

  • Klaus Russell-Wells

    is not only an engineer for energy, building and environmental technology, but also a successful science communicator and journalist. On his YouTube channel joul, he sheds light on technical topics from a social perspective. With his production company, he works with research centers to create videos on current science and research.

  • Linus Günther

    is at home in both the audio and film worlds. After completing his studies, he worked for four years as a cross-brand portfolio manager in the podcast department at Gruner+Jahr and RTL, where he was jointly responsible for the podcast portfolio of brands such as stern, GEO and RTL+. Since 2019, he has also been Managing Director of the Hamburg-based film production company Klinkerfilm.

  • Pool Artists

    Pool Artists has been producing podcasts since 2015 and was one of the first independent companies to offer podcast production in Germany. Since then, they have grown along with the industry and have now produced over 80 podcasts and employ 15 people. They are based in Berlin but produce across Germany and have studios, mobile capabilities and remote recording expertise.