1. Content of the websites
The author does not guarantee immediacy, correctness, completeness and quality of all information on the websites. Liability claims towards the author, related to material or immaterial damage, which were caused by using or not using information on the websites respectively using incorrect und incomplete information, are completely excluded, as long as the author’s actions evidently were not intentional or grossly negligent. The content on the websites is not legally binding. The author explicitly reserves the right to change, complement or delete the websites or parts of the websites, without giving any notice, or to pause or stop the publication of content.


2. Links
In case of illegal content of third party pages which are referenced on Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) websites through direct or indirect links (content for which the author is not responsible), the author would exclusively have to incur liability, if the he knows about the content and if it is technically possible and reasonable for the author to prevent the use of this content. The author explicitly declares that at the time when he referenced content of third party pages through links, this content was legal. The author cannot influence the current or future layout and content of these third party pages. Therefore he explicitly distances himself from content of third party pages that has been changed after it has been referenced through links. This is valid for all links and references on the WiD websites and also for posts by other people on guest books, discussion forums and mailings lists that have been set up by the author. If content of a third party page, which is referenced on WiD websites through links, is illegal, incorrect or incomplete and if damage is caused by using or not using this information, then the provider of the third party content incurs liability, and not WiD.


3. Copyright and labeling law
The author strives to comply with copyright law in all publications concerning diagrams, sound recordings, video sequences and texts, which have been used. Alternatively, the author uses diagrams, sound recordings, video sequences and texts, which he has either produced or which do not require a licence. Trademarks that are mentioned on the websites and which might be protected by a third party are subject to the respective labeling law and the possession rights of the respective registered owner. You cannot infer from the mentioning of trademarks on our websites that they are not protected by a third party! The author of the websites owns the copyright of those objects that he has created and published. Copying and using such diagrams, sound recordings, video sequences and texts in other digital or print publications without explicit consent of the author is prohibited.


4. Legal validity of this exclusion of liability
This exclusion of liability is part of the websites, which are referenced to this website. If parts or some words of this text do not correspond, do not correspond anymore or do not correspond completely to prevailing law, then content as well as validity of the other parts of this document are not concerned.