‚When Bodies become Data‘

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‚When bodies become data, where does that leave us?‘ is a critical essay by the feminist researcher and internet democracy activist Anja Kovacs. The essay was first published at HTTP://deepdives.in, an in-depth publication initiative by Point of View, Mumbai, India. Mumkin App (HTTP://mumkinapp.com) collaborated with POV Mumbai to publish the essay as bite-sized social media macros during the 16 Days of Activism and on Safe Internet Day(7th February 2023).

Our goal at Mumkin App social media ( @mumkinapp ) is to talk about the intersection of safe technology, merging it together with feminist research, with a specific focus on research on gender-based violence from South Asia. Mumkin App social media specializes in breaking down complex essays and research and presenting it in bite-sized information, accessible for wider outreach. Using the ‘carousel/gallery format’ on Instagram, we invite our community members to read through the crux of the essay, presented holistically, emphasizing how data surveillance impacts the marginalized population the most.

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