Unspoken Truths – Science, Film and Realities

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An exploration into the conflicting nature of scientists, filmmakers and activists.

The video was produced as an audiovisuel keynote lecture for the Conference part „Trust in Science and Media“ of the „Silbersalz Science and Media“ Festival in Halle.

How come that it is not a standard keynote presentation? As we’re still in the middle of a global pandemie, I had to hold my keynote digitally. I’m not a big fan of presentation slides, so I decided to rewrite my planned keynote into a film script. As the main conference topic of „Trust in Science and Media“ is quite huge, I’ve decided to rewrite the presentation in form of three different point of views with the characters scientist, filmmaker and activist.

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    Geisteswissenschaften / Humanities
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  • Jeanine Reutemann
    Audiovisual Research / RedMorpheus GmbH