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The climate crisis is real and we need to act fast! Researchers have estimated that, if no action is taken, average temperatures will rise by 2.5°C by 2050. This will lead to more diseases and more frequent extreme climate events (https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg2/). When we present this topic in workshops, with the team of energy4life (E4L), and after answering our quiz about energy consumption in the E4L website (https://www.e4l.lu), the most predominant question from the public is “So what can I do to help the planet?”. From which, the “So Watt?” channel was born.

The idea is to show simple and accessible ideas to educate the public and reduce energy consumption. We try to simplify the content to be accessible to the general public. For this, we use familiar concepts like money or area of solar panels, this all within 30s.

Why shorts? Because it is more likely that people give us 30s of their time than 5 minutes.

In this video, we show how simple gestures, like unplugging the microwave, reduces the amount of energy that we consume and thus the amount of energy that needs to be generated.

Info on the numbers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eLGqPQVQAbZXwrXwLKsUi4ARC_tVDYze/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=116393304789881364317&rtpof=true&sd=true

Scientific advise: Prof. Dr. Phillip Dale, Dr. Michele Melchiorre
Editing advise: João Correia
Subtitles: Aline Vanderhaegen, Kilian Ke

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