Sleep: Your Brainwaves and Body as a Symphony

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How did you sleep? I ask not only due to the politeness of a morning greeting, but more so because I am beamingly curious! perhaps 50-odd years ago, all that scientists knew for certain about sleep is that we sleep to alleviate sleepiness. It comes as no surprise that I (and many sleep researchers before me) sought to understand sleep better than this.

Expressing how deeply impassioned I am by the human brain, the body and „beingness“ would not be adequately conveyed to someone who isn’t in my field without the tool of science communication.

I seek to teach often and learn always. Somehow, science communication helps me to be a better student and teacher simultaneously. Authentic and enthusiastic expression is important in how I share my research – relatable and accessible is the goal! I hope to create a digital space where wonder meets knowledge (and, not to put you to sleep!).

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    Humanmedizin und Gesundheitswissenschaften / Human and Health Sciences
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  • Johanné Marais
    University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Physiology