“Science with Milk, No Sugar” Podcast

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When most people hear the word “science”, they think of stuffy, ivory tower institutions. They think of dry papers filled with words they can’t pronounce or comprehend. And they think of middle-aged men.

With “Science with Milk, No Sugar”, I want to invite listeners into a different world of science – one that’s more casual, accessible, & diverse. It’s incredibly important to me to show my guests how they truly are & to just chat about everyday life behind the curtain of academia.

My guest’s research is in the focus, but I also want to show the human side of science. What are the struggles of a young woman in science? What happens when you leave academia & what are the hurdles of mothers who want to pursue a career in science? Is it hard to be gay man in the science world? Do researchers feel like they are treated differently because of the colour of their skin? I ask the hard questions.

With this podcast I want to give PhD students, postdocs, as well as scientists who left academia, a platform to tell us their story.
With „Science with Milk, No Sugar“ I also want to make it my mission to explore the situation for women in science and underrepresented groups in research and how it could be improved.

During this episode, Dr. Florencia Yannelli, an Argentinean postdoc researcher (and mother) based at FU Berlin & I discuss what challenges mothers in academia are facing and how institutions can support them.


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