Podium Cast #9 đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș „Was ist die + Effekt von Sport auf 🧠psychische Symptome in Patienten mit Demenz?“

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Scientific language is boring, most of the papers are published only in English and the format it is published does not fit the young generation of people seeking reliable information based on scientific evidence. All these problems together are aggravating, even more in the Sports ecosystem. We have decided to stop complaining and change the rules of the game. Based on our motto „there is no progress without access“ we want to uncomplicate Sports science findings to those who use and apply this knowledge on a daily basis. Aiming to close this gap, we decided to interview top sports scientists worldwide in German, English, and Portuguese to be able to reach as many as possible audiences interested in sports. Besides the enjoyable environment, the host is interested in the real story behind the paper and how to apply the results to society. Although less can be seen from the episodes on Youtube and Spotify, a community of those who love to talk and share knowledge with those who want to be empowered by reliable scientific information is growing!

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    Naturwissenschaften / Natural Sciences
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  • J. Walter Tolentino-Castro
    German Sport University
  • Elia Vedda
    ICB University of Sao Paulo