Gender Stereotypes? Keep your eye on the ball! / Geschlechter Stereotypen? Bleib am Ball!

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No society has achieved gender equality, not even the most advanced ones in this field (EIGE, 2023) and gender stereotypes remain persistent in all areas of society. To tackle them, it is best to start early. Researchers from Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) designed from scratch a giant board game allowing science and society to interact by raising awareness about gender inequalities and by arousing curiosity for social sciences. Furthermore, the Gender Game (GG) is used as a social experiment to collect data about gender and science in an innovative way.

This youth friendly game is travelling throughout the country to schools, after-school structures, and firms. The GG received the FNR Award for Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public in 2020. The video, recorded during the Web Video Hackathon organized by FNR in April 2022, is structured into 2 main parts. In the first part, the team goes out to meet the public and check whether gender stereotypes are still relevant. The second part is an invitation to learn more about the GG. The latter is presented as a gamified device dedicated to interact about gender stereotypes with the public (children, young people and adults) while showing evidence from research done at LISER. The video ends with the development potential of the GG.
Sources: https://eige.europa.eu/

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    Sozialwissenschaften / Social Sciences
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  • Carole Blond-Hanten
    Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) – www.liser.lu
  • Catherine Delbrouck
    Luxembourg Institute of Health; www.lih.lu
  • Christophe Bintener
    Alzheimer-Europe; https://www.alzheimer-europe.org/
  • Joana Andreia Ferreira Machado
    University of Luxembourg; www.uni.lu